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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let The People Decide

I will never understand the Democrats' [GOP's] aversion to more levels of direct democracy in our government. They were so vehemently opposed to this non-binding, advisory referendum, that would simply allow voters to tell them how they feel about the death penalty [war in Iraq].

I can understand being opposed to the non-binding, advisory referendum because, perhaps, it seems a little like the government funding a very expensive poll. Or, perhaps, because there is no reason to have such a costly referendum and have it be non-binding. Perhaps one could be opposed because they feel it should be binding.

But because the voters shouldn't have a say in this issue?

That's ridiculous.


Ridiculous indeed.

But wait, does the term "ridiculous referendum" sound familiar? That's because IT IS! Read about it, along with 7 more examples found amongst these.


Blogger Jenna said...

Let's see.

Things that the people of Wisconsin can have a direct say in: state policy issues, including things such as the death penalty.

Things that the people of Wisconsin do not have a direct say in via referendums: national foreign policy.

1:53 PM


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