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Monday, March 27, 2006

Doyle Invites Bush to Campaign

Madison - After Scott Walker cleared the way for a Mark Green run against Governor Doyle, Doyle has invited President Bush and Vice President Cheney to campaign for Mark Green in the gubernatorial race this summer and fall.

"With so many republicans constantly defending the slightest negative comment directed toward Bush and Cheney," said Doyle, "I thought I would ask them to put their money where their mouth is... and I'll even give them the money."

Governor Doyle has offered to pay the way for Bush and Cheney to campaign for Mark Green between now and the November election.

Doyle continued; "the minute anyone questions the war in Iraq they are accused of supporting terrorists blowing up American cities, as if that is the only other possibility - war in Iraq or destroyed US cities... nothing in between.

"I could spend my millions of campaign dollars on direct mail and advertising, but then I thought I could just use it to pay for Bush and Cheney to join Green on the campaign trail. This way, every time anyone sees Mark Green, Bush and Cheney will be in the same frame of video or the same picture in the papers.

"With Republicans so testy anytime we question the Bush Administration, they should have no reason not to openly welcome Bush and Cheney's constant presence on the campaign trail during this election.

"Mark Green has been a Bush ally in D.C., and I think it's only fair that when people think of Mark Green they think of George W. Bush... that is... unless those on the right have some problem with Bush that I somehow missed while they were busy calling me a terrorist for questioning the slightest thing about his administration."


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