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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Cyberspace, WI - A firestorm of speculation has swept through the blogging world after various right-wing bloggers, including Jessica and Jenna, posted positive and optimistic entries on their blog. This particular breed of blogger is often found lurking on the far-right, casting Pat Robertson in a Feingolden light.

Reasoned bloggers that typically provide a logic-based argument for their thought-out position, such as the Recess Supervisor or Jed & Owen, were shocked to see a break from the corrosive vitriol usually spit from those on the far-right.

Many moderates view the turn of events as offering hope for the future health and well-being of these bloggers. Reading far-right blogs, one would never have guessed that the GOP holds the White House, Supreme Court, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Senate and State Assembly. Some have struggled to understand why those on the right could be so unhappy with their nearly ultimate power over State Government and their absolute power over the Federal Government.

With "the sky is falling" attitudes on federal matters in our current GOP-Dominated world, people are uneasy about the mental well-being of these bloggers should the Democratic Party take back any slight majority at any level of government. While it seems unfathomable how a person could be so pissed-off when they're winning the race, it leaves one concerned for what that person might do should they begin to lose the race.


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