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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lift The Cap!

Madison - Choice schools have decided to pull out all the stops in their final attempt to lift the School Choice Cap before session comes to a close for the year on Thursday, March 9, 2006.

In the past several weeks, groups of students from choice schools have been making the trip to the Capitol in Madison for demonstrations held in the Capitol rotunda. Students have been seen standing in silence for the duration of the school day with signs in hand asking Governor Doyle to lift the cap.

Dr. Howard Fuller, Chair of the Alliance for Choices in Education, said that "it is time to give everything we got."

Fuller was referencing a new call for students at choice schools to show their support for lifting the cap. Some have said this is a "call to arms" for the roughly 15,000 students in the program.

"We have brought every single choice school and every single choice students on board," continued Fuller. "Every day at the start of school, we will be bussing all 15,000 choice students to Madison so that they can stand silently in the Capitol holding their signs of support. Maybe then some lawmakers will understand how critical the choice program is to the education of our children.

"All we are trying to do is teach these children and prepare them for college and the real world. To make sure we teach these children well, we are going to bus them to Madison every single school day to stand in silence at the Capitol until the cap is lifted. I don't care if these children stand here until summer break. We will not crack another textbook or step foot in another classroom until every lawmaker understands just how important a child's education really is!"


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