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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

GOP to Restructure Elections

Madison - Assembly and Senate Republicans introduced Assembly Bill 5089 today, changing Wisconsin's schedule of elections for the Legislature, Attorney General and Governor. Every office will now be up for election every 6 months. Elections are to be held the Tuesday after the first Monday of May and the Tuesday after the first Monday of November.

"We have really gotten good at this whole election thing," said Speaker-Elect Mike Huebsch. "Unfortunately, we have to wait 18 months after every election before we get to go run an election again."

"In the Senate we have it even worse," added Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz. "We have over three years of 'business' to deal with before we can run another election. This whole 'running the government' business really sucks."

"We spend every election telling people what they want to hear," continued Huebsch. "But then when we get to Madison they expect us to actually follow up on our crazy ideas. Do they have any idea how many of the things we say contradict each other... or would send every municipality into bankruptcy... or would shut down their schools?"

"So we figured we would just get rid of the whole 'government' thing and focus primarily on elections," said Schultz. "This way, we can tell people what they want to hear, but never have to actually head to Madison to do any government business."


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