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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Madison - A shocking revelation came to light today amidst a frenzy from right wing bloggers. Governor Jim Doyle has been caught paying for votes in the most clear violation of law to date.

Tax Dollars Used to Buy Votes

It began during the last budget process in July of 2003. Shortly after receiving the budget from the Legislature, Doyle started to conspire with his reelection campaign over the use of his partial veto. It was in these closed-door meetings that Doyle and his campaign manager conspired to give $27 million to thousands of Wisconsin residents in exchange for their votes for Democrats in the 2004 election and his own campaign in the 2006 election.

According to the charges, Doyle formed a fictitious organization called the "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program." This program proceeded to pay off thousands of low-income households in exchange for their votes. To avoid raising suspicions with a direct transfer of cash, this organization instead paid off various gas and electric bills on behalf of the alleged conspirators.

The plan was seemingly successful at staying under the radar until the gubernatorial elections began heating up. Both the Green and Walker campaigns had been compiling voter percentages of different geographical and socioeconomic portions of Wisconsin. Suspicions were raised when it was discovered than an inordinate amount of low-income individuals were voting democratic. After open-records requesting the files from the "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" front, an unmistakable correlation was discovered. Over 98% of individuals the organization had laundered money to had voted for Democrats in 2004 and were intending to vote for Doyle in 2006.

Some members of the media have speculated that Doyle may withdraw from the race after this hard-hitting story broke. Both the Green and Walker campaigns have recently been urging Doyle to come clean about his "pay to play" tactics while compiling endless accounts of illegal activities.

Lucrative Government Awards in Exchange for Campaign Contributions

Walker recently highlighted the fact that Doyle transfered hundreds of milions of dollars from transportation to public schools, only to have over $273,000 worth of individual donations from public school teachers in the following 12 months. Green went on to note that within 12 months of being awarded a lucrative state job - with full benefits - every single staffer in the Governor's Capitol office had donated to his campaign.

In all, Green and Walker have tied 99.85% of Doyle's campaign donations to individuals who have directly benefited from the actions of Doyle while on state time, and the two are calling for Doyle to return those "dirty" campaign donations.


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