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Friday, March 10, 2006

Wheeler/WisPolitics Server Crash

Cyberspace, WI - Just one day after what many expected to be the last day of session, both The Wheeler Report and WisPolitics servers have crashed. The web sites were brought down by a combined strain on website hosting demands as well as the server's visiting traffic. Original reports of a Denial of Service (DoS) attack were unfounded, and both Wheeler and WisPolitics have reported that they are working on the situation.

After a legislator is able to push a bill of their own through the assembly, it is typical for them to issue a press release informing the district and its newspapers of the bill's massive significance and the huge impact it will have on their constituents. With so many local media establishments statewide, offices often turn to Wheeler and WisPolitics as a clearinghouse to help disseminate the information.

Thursday, March 9, 2006 well over 150 bills were acted on between the State Assembly and State Senate. Each of these bills had their own special purpose that was of critical importance to the district of their respective authors.

Friday morning a crushing blow of press releases were flooding into the Wheeler and WisPolitics offices for publication. While overwhelming at times, the two seemed capable of handling the workload. Things suddenly crashed when district residents throughout the state began flocking in large numbers to the website so they could learn of the major changes facing them as a result of the earth-shattering legislation passed last night.

In the meantime, representatives from both Wheeler and WisPolitics are urging offices to hold off on their press releases unless they are really, really important to their district. They also joked of their wish that area residents were not so eager to visit their website for the breaking news of the countless bills passed. The Wheeler representative noted that they had over 30 press releases from elected officials on their website before crashing, each of which was very, very important.


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